thomas belhom : "Araki" : album 2020

Thomas Belhom, with the sound engineer Bruno Green, has recorded a part of a new album, in Nino Ferrer's house, where the son Arthur owns the studio Barberine. The rest of the album was made at home, in Le Mans in France, recorded and mixed by Belhom himself, with the help of Jean-François Chauffour.

Thanks to  Thierry Mazurel , friend & musician of Valparaiso (ex- Jack the Ripper, Fitzcarraldo) to make this recording-session happen.

Adrien Rodrigue is playing violins, Viva Yazon a piano, Pierre Favard a guitar, Naïm Amor an electric guitar and thomas belhom the other guitars, other piano, the drums, some electronic percussions, and acoustic bells, some synthesizer, vocal, accordion and a vibraphone.. 

Adrien Rodrigue & Thomas Belhom photos by Barreteau/Lapassin , live in France (Tandem in Arras : 7 march 2020)

Thomas Belhom Featuring on drums & percussions, for the third solo album of Stuart A. Staples (Tindersticks) "Arrhythmia".(2018)-

thomas belhom - photo Lapassin/Barreteau (2006)