thomas belhom : new recording soon !

Thomas Belhom, with the sound engineer Bruno Green, has recorded a part of a new album, in Nino Ferrer's house, where the son Arthur owns the studio Barberine. Belhom is finishing at home, expecting everything done for end of 2019.

Thanks to  Thierry Mazurel , friend & musician of Valparaiso (ex- Jack the Ripper, Fitzcarraldo) to make the recording-session happen.

Adrien Rodrigue is playing violins, Viva Yazon a piano, Pierre Favard a guitar, and thomas belhom the other guitars, other piano, the drums, some electronic percussions, and acoustic bells, some synthesizer, vocal, accordion and a vibraphone.. 


one of the pictures during a Live' performance of thomas belhom

The third solo album of Stuart A. Staples (Tindersticks) is called "Arrhythmia", featuring Thomas Belhom on drums & percussions .

Thomas Belhom is preparing a composition (of music? of sounds?)for a live performance created by Johann Le Guillerm  around food ! On collaboration with a french chef. It's for 2019 .

thomas belhom - photo Lapassin/Barreteau (2006)